Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 1 Reflection by NG YING LIANG

Q1: How is innovation a key feature to survival?
Innovation is very important to survival during the war time in Guchi Village. Villagers made use of their small sizes and created small tunnels for villagers to crawl through to escape from the Americans. It is linked to the Saigon River at the end. Also, the vietnamese created the slippers with the sole inverted so that Americans will be confused by the footprints and won't know where the vietnamese is escaping. Lastly, making use of the morning fog, they cook so that the smoke that is emitted while they are cooking can be disguised as the fog too so that Americans will then not find out where their locations are.

EQ2: How is cultural integration reflected in design?
The design of the temples merge the three religions, Buddhism, Catholicism and Confucianism together. In the temple, lots of dragons could be seen, even the pillars of the temples have dragons carved on it. Also on the wall of the temple, there is a eye, it is said to look over everyone and protect the people. 

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