Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 5 and 6 Reflections by Claire

1. What is your impression of HCMC?
I think that HCMC is a very different city from Singapore. Even though we have some similarities, both cities are unique in their own ways. HCMC is a fun, exciting and interesting place. It has a culture that no other cities or countries have.

2. What is a culture?
A culture is a flavour of the country/ city/ state. Every location has a different culture.

3. What influences the culture of a country?
Many factors influences the culture of a country. One is the people living in the country. They all have different personalities, thinking and beliefs as people from other countries. Another is the government, how they lead the country and bring up the country. Also, the infrastructure, because what is being built is important to the economy of the country and also the living of the people in the country.

4. How is the retail development, a reflection of a country's development?
The retail development tells a lot about a country's development. In hcmc, you can see many roadside stores along the streets. These are the most common places where the people living in hcmc shop at. However, new shopping centres started being developed in the vicinity, which were considered places where the higher income people shop at. Then recently, new malls that sell branded goods and high end items started popping up, which is now where all the richer people live near and shop at.

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